Yogini Ekadashi in 2018, 2019

Yogini Ekadashi

About Yogini Ekadashi :

Yogini Ekadashi also known as Achala Ekadashi, Bhadrakali Ekadashi or Jalkrida Ekadashi is a Hindu holy day celebrated on the 11th lunar day (Ekadashi Tithi) of the Krishna Paksha (waning moon phase) in the Hindu Calendar month Jyeshta or Ashaad (as per North Indian Calendar) which in the Gregorian calendar falls in June or July.

Yogini Ekadashi is a highly auspicious day dedicated to worship of Lord Vishnu to get rid of all sins.

It is also believed that people having any kind of skin disease get benefited by observing this fast.

Yogini Ekadashi Story / Vrat Katha :

According to Legends, once upon a time there was a gardener named Hemamali who was in the service of King of Alkapuri, Kevera.

Hemamali had a beautiful wife named Swarupavati, whom he loved a lot.

Hemamali’s job was to daily go to Lake Manasarovar and bring back flowers from there for his master King Kuvera who would in turn offer this flowers to Lord Shiva, as a part of his daily prayers.

One day, Hemamali went home after picking the flowers instead of going to the King. He spent time at his home making love to his wife and in the process forget his duty towards King Kuvera.

King Kuvera began the puja and in midway of the puja found that Hemamali had not returned with flowers. He told other servants to find where is Hemamali. On getting the news of Hemamali making love to his wife and not getting the flowers, King became angry and cursed Hemamali that he would suffer from white leprosy and will be separated from his wife.

Hemamali left Alkapuri and wandered in jungles with nothing to eat or drink. He was in immense pain and was feeling sinful and guilty for his deeds.

One day he met sage Markandeya and asked him for a solution to his problem. Sage Markandeya told Hemamali to observe Yogini Ekadashi vrata to get rid of the curse and associated problems.

Hemamali observed Yogini Ekadashi fast with great devotion and worshiped Lord Vishnu and soon get got rid of the curse and his dreadful disease got cured and he became as handsome as before.

He soon returned back to Alkapuri and lived a happy life with his wife.

Since then people of the region started observing Yogini Ekadashi fast with great devotion.

Yogini Ekadashi Puja Vidhi :

The Puja Vidhi performed during Yogini Ekadashi is similar to that followed during other Ekadashi’s.

On the day of Yogini Ekadashi, devotees worship Lord Vishnu and observe a strict fast which is broken on the next day, i.e., on dwadashi day during the parana time. Those who are unable to keep a whole day fast keep a partial fast by consuming fruits and milk and avoid eating rice and other grains for the whole day.

Yogini Ekadashi Mantra :

You can chant any one of these Vishnu Mantra and Slokas on this auspicious day of Yogini Ekadashi – Om Namo Bhagavate Vaasudevaaya Mantra, Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram or Vishnu Ashtottaram.

Yogini Ekadashi 2018 Date :

  • Yogini Ekadashi – 9th July 2018

Yogini Ekadashi 2018 Parana Date & Time :

  • 06:11 to 08:48 hrs IST on 10th July 2018
  • 06:07 to 10:31 hrs IST on 10th July 2018 (For Vaishnava’s)

Yogini Ekadashi 2019 Date :

  • Yogini Ekadashi – 29th June 2019

Yogini Ekadashi 2019 Parana Date & Time :

  • 06:04 to 06:11 hrs IST on 30th June 2019
  • 06:04 to 06:11 hrs IST on 30th June 2019 (For Vaishnava’s)

Yogini Ekadashi Vrat Katha, Puja Vidhi, Vrat Mahatmya Hindi Video :

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