Aja Ekadashi in 2018, 2019

Aja Ekadashi

About Aja Ekadashi :

Aja Ekadashi also known as Ananda Ekadashi is a Hindu holy day celebrated on the 11th lunar day (Ekadashi Tithi) of the Krishna Paksha (waning moon phase) in the Hindu Calendar month Shraavana (as per Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu and Kannada Calendar) or Bhadrapada (as per North Indian Calendar) which in the Gregorian calendar falls in August or September.

Aja Ekadashi is a highly auspicious day dedicated to worship of Lord Vishnu and his concert Goddess Lakshmi to get rid of all sins and problems.

Describing this Ekadashi to Yudhisthira, Lord Krishna said, any person who fasts completely on Aja Ekadashi and worships Hrishikesha, the master of the senses, becomes free of all his sins.

Aja Ekadashi Story / Vrat Katha :

According to legends, once upon a time there was a very famous king named Harishchandra. His wife’s name was Chandramati. The royal couple had a son named Lohitashva. The king was well-known for his truthfulness, integrity and character.

However, by the force of destiny, King Harishchandra lost his kingdom and all his wealth. He had to sell his wife and son to a brahamin for doing house-hold works and he himself became a servant of a man who was owner of a crematorium. Despite all theproblems, he did not give up his quality of being truthful.

Many year’s passed by and life of king, his wife and his son remained the same – full of hardships. One day, a great sage, Gautam Rishi passed by and Harishchandra told his story to him and asked for some solution to end the misery of himself, his wife and his son.

Gautam Rishi told the king to observe the fast of Aja Ekadashi to get rid of all his sins in order to end all his problems.

Harishchandra observed the fast on Aja Ekadashi and worshiped Lord Vishnu, as described by Gautam Rishi. Soon all his past sins were washed off and he got united with his wife and son and also regained his kingdom and past glory.

Since then, people of the region started observing the Aja Ekadashi vrata with great devotion.

Aja Ekadashi Puja Vidhi :

The Puja Vidhi performed during Aja Ekadashi is similar to that followed during other Ekadashi’s.

On the day of Aja Ekadashi, devotees worship Lord Vishnu with great devotion and chant his name or his mantra throughout the day.

Devotees observe a strict fast which is broken on the next day, i.e., on dwadashi day during the parana time. Those who are unable to keep a whole day fast keep a partial fast by consuming fruits and milk and avoid eating rice and other grains for the whole day.

Aja Ekadashi Mantra :

You can chant any one of these Vishnu Mantra and Slokas on this auspicious day of Aja Ekadashi – Om Namo Bhagavate Vaasudevaaya Mantra, Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram or Vishnu Ashtottaram.

Aja Ekadashi 2018 Date :

  • Aja Ekadashi – 06th September 2018

Aja Ekadashi 2018 Parana Date & Time :

  • 06:28 to 08:55 hrs IST on 07th September 2018
  • 06:24 to 09:12 hrs IST on 07th September 2018 (For Vaishnava’s)

Aja Ekadashi 2019 Date :

  • Aja Ekadashi – 26th August 2019

Aja Ekadashi 2019 Parana Date & Time :

  • 06:28 to 08:55 hrs IST on 27th August 2019
  • 06:24 to 09:12 hrs IST on 27th August 2019 (For Vaishnava’s)

Aja Ekadashi Vrat Katha, Puja Vidhi, Vrat Mahatmya Hindi Video :

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